Taking care of your èggo kitchen

Regardless of whether the cabinet fronts are high-gloss or a synthetic ultra-matte material, you should never use aggressive chemicals such as scouring products or solvents. Don’t use abrasive powders, steel wool or scrubbing sponges. They will degrade the surface to the extent that it won't be possible to touch it up. Only use a soft, non-fluffy cloth, a chamois or a sponge. Don't use micro-fibre cloths or dirt removal erasers. These items often contain fine abrasive particles that can scratch surfaces.

Always remove all dirt as soon as possible. New stains are easier to clean and can usually be completely removed. Never use a steam cleaner or a high-pressure water spray. Don't over-moisten surfaces by using cloths that are too wet or by allowing too much steam to build up during and after cooking. Always keep surfaces dry! Standing water and other liquids can cause permanent damage!

Recommendations for general maintenance

Higher quality surfaces in a kitchen are normally very easy to maintain. To ensure the quality and life of your new kitchen over many years, we recommend that you maintain it on a regular basis following the instructions provided below.


Synthetic fronts: melamines + laminates

The èggo tip

Fronts made of synthetic materials should be cared for using everyday household detergents. Never use abrasive products.

Depending on the degree of dirtiness, apply household detergents diluted in water. Use a soft cloth. Remove traces of detergent with clean water and dry the doors with a cloth.

Hard stains, such as grease stains, can easily be removed with traditional cleaning products for synthetic materials. Do a test on a non-apparent area when cleaning with a product for the first time.