Virtual Visit

Never been in one of our èggo Kitchen Houses? Do you have trouble getting around or are you too far away? Here's the solution!

Discover the store

Discover our latest, brand new showroom in Bois-de-Villers! Begin your visit now by clicking on the door. Walk around the magnificent Kitchen House using the arrows on the ground or the descriptions of the different showrooms at the bottom left of the application.

They will take you to all of the kitchens on show. Some elements are interactive. You will see the small, special icon for this purpose on the item in question (see above the oven in the picture). You can open and close the items to get an idea of the functionality of the kitchen you are visiting.





Find out more about the kitchen you selected

As you can see, our application lets you discover the kitchens on show in our Kitchen House. Do you like a kitchen in particular? Just click on the "Find out more" icon in the kitchen.

You'll be taken directly to the kitchen's card on the website. Take the example on the left: after going to the application, we selected the first kitchen, the White Integra. When we clicked on "Find out more", we were taken to the kitchen page on the site. You can see which hardware is recommended for which fronts, cabinets, etc.

The navigation bar

The navigation bar will be with you for your entire visit. It enables you to do different things: to move about, zoom in and out, stop image rotation, move to full screen or high definition, etc...

iPhone & iPad compatibility

Do you have a tablet? Our application is fully compatible with Apple solutions. Take a look on your iPad or iPhone and find the kitchen of your dreams!