èggo is investing to protect biodiversity


Our kitchen furniture is PEFC certified

Wood is an indispensable raw material for the production of high-quality kitchen furniture. PEFC certification of our kitchens is very important to us. It guarantees that the wood used to produce èggo kitchens is from sustainably managed forests and monitored supply sources.


Manufacturing in search of continuous improvement

Given the significant amounts of materials used to produce our kitchens, their efficient use is of special importance for the protection of environmental and economic resources. The èggo kitchen manufacturing plant has invested in an ambitious programme. One of its main goals is to reduce the amount of waste created during the manufacturing process by 25%.


Beauty to protect the environment

Èggo is a structural partner of the Namur Nature Festival. It is a major European event that has been bringing together thousands of fans in Namur over the last 20 years for a wonderful festival dedicated to nature and images: professional and amateur films, photo expos, a nature village, conferences and more. The emotion in the images is worth a thousand speeches and often opens minds. In 2012, èggo created “La Wallonie sauvage”, a collective exhibit of 18 leading Belgian animal photographers. Fifty giant photos introduced visitors to the biodiversity of our regions.

A little greener every day

At èggo, an environmentally responsible attitude means more than just words. It means a commitment and concrete actions throughout our entire value chain, from manufacturing to installation. It also means making the choice to support sustainable green projects with results for all to see. And not at the other end of the Earth, but close to home, close to you, because that’s where we act and affirm our commitment.

Intelligent waste management

When our teams finish installing your kitchen, they always take the packaging materials that protected it during transport with them. Cardboard and Styrofoam are sent to suitable recycling channels.

Monitoring CO2

Our 15 lorries carry approximately 60,000 m3 worth of loads every year and travel an estimated 800,000 km. In order to limit CO2 emissions as much as possible, we have made sure that our entire fleet meets Euro 5 emissions standard criteria.