èggo Pro, the ideal partner for all of your property development projects


èggo in a few figures

Sales network:

  • Over 12,000 kitchens sold every year
  • 130 sales people
  • 2.500.000 copies of our brochure distributed every month

The logistic centre:

  • 12.000 sqm of central warehouse in Rhisnes
  • 60 independent and 12 internal installers
  • 8 quality control specialists for ongoing inspections of finished work
  • 5 internal inspectors
  • 15 logistic people (logistic centre)
  • 60 delivery people
  • 14 administrative collaborators


The èggo B2B approach

In its ongoing search for innovation, èggo decided to dedicate a department exclusively to building professionals. They receive advice and guidance and benefit from VIP service. Our employees are trained to meet the specific requests of property investors. Consistent with èggo's spirit of service, this department provides full service to work sites. One of our specialists follows every step of the project from design to finishing... They will be your primary contact.


The èggo Pro approach

1. An appointment is made on site to obtain information to establish your future estimate (we go to the customer's).
2. The project is provided with developer conditions.
3. We set up a meeting with the future buyers in their region.
4. Technical implementation based on drawings OR ON SITE.
5. Inspection of the technical installation on site prior to ceiling installation and remeasuring after completion.
6. Kitchen ordering and verification of unloading on site.


Your Pro client advantage:

VIP follow-up of the work: the person who measures is also the person who orders (reducing the risk of error). A single contact makes it easy to get in touch.
46 points of sale throughout the country with a very large selection to minimise customer travel.
Quality kitchens built by an extremely reliable partner (leading manufacturer in Germany and Europe).                                                           
A 10-year warranty on the furniture and a lifetime warranty on moving parts (hinges and runners).
Delivery service suited to the type of building and its environment.
If requested, we will handle meetings with the future buyers for the architect or developer.
We adjust our prices for building and property professionals.

They trust us and we thank them for it: